FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is this your first event?

No, our inaugural The Women Mean Business! Trade Mission was held in May 2017, when we sailed to the Caribbean.  

Do I have to participate in all of the activities?

We know we have a robust agenda.  You can participate in everything or just choose the things that most interest you.

Is this trip tax deductible?

We are not tax experts and we suggest you speak with your tax preparer.  However our agenda is full of business related activities that will probably make this a deduction for you.

Are men allowed on this trip?

Of course, we do not discriminate.  Men are welcomed to participate.  Men will find our activities beneficial to their business, as well.  If we have a number of men participating we are prepared to offer activities for men.

Are children allowed on this trip?

We welcome well-behaved children.  This is a wonderful opportunity for children,  particularly girls, to see women doing business.   However this is the tough part, women are there to do business and if your child is too young or immature, this may not be a good setting for them.

What kind of businesses can participate?

The networking opportunities should benefit any kind of business.  You will be interacting with 100 other business women, as well as the women we will meet in our host countries.

I do not have a business, can I still participate?

Absolutely!  This is a Trade Exploration.  There is the opportunity for you to explore business and other countries.

May I sell my products?

No, there is absolutely no selling aboard the ship.  And when in port, we don’t want to risk the chance of offending our hosts.  So, again, no selling.